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Thanks to Sister Diana for supplying some missing issues of Tower Echoes. Click on picture to enlarge. 

Apparently Tower Echoes was not published in January due to the holidays. Please let me know if that is not the case. Also still missing December 1967.

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25 Year Class Reunion 

40 Year Class Reunion

Invite - Dedicated to the one I love

4th Grade Class Picture

Prom Invitation

Commencement Exercise


8th Grade Graduating Class - Girls

8th Grade Graduating Class - Boys

1968 Invite Picture on Capitol steps

1968 Invite Invitation

40 Year GUSH Stag

 60's Time Magazine Covers

60's Life Magazine Covers

1966 Economy/Prices

1967 Economy/Prices

1968 Economy/Prices

1969 Economy/Prices

Billboard Hits

1966 Billboard #1 Hits

1967 Billboard #1 Hits

1968 Billboard #1 Hits

1969 Billboard #1 Hits

 Cars From Yesterday & Commericals


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66 Chevelle 396

Ozark Airlines

66 Ford $2675

Gundy's Market

Steinberg Baum


6 pack beer .69

66 Honor Roll

400 Block of E. Washington

Batman Trailer

GTO Commercial

Star Trek TV Intro

Wilson Pickett


County Building

Glee Club

TV Guide Schedule

Summer of Love YouTube

Born/Died in 1967

Mama & Papas 1967

Hollywood Squares 1967


The Box Tops

Hippie Temptation

Firebird Commercial

Scene from "The Graduate"

Nancy Sinatra

Casino Royale


New Ride at the 68  State Fair

State Fair Preview

426 S. 5th

200 Block S. 6th (West)

300 W. Washington

7th & Washington

First United Methodist Church  

Graduation Ceremonies

Speech Contest

George Harrison - Smothers Brothers

Walter Cronkite

Road Runner


Eisner Ad

Theater Listing

How about a Cashier job for $1.50 an hr

Honor Assembly May 29 1969

New VW Beetle only $1,934

Music Shop Returns  

100 Block West Monroe

Two Brothers

First Moon Landing

Harry Nilsson

The Beatles

The Internet in 69